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Terms of Service

The CruiserTales site is intended for adult use, and every effort will be made to make sure it remains clean and friendly to all who use it, whether as a contributor or a as a reader; however, there is the possibility of the occasional use of strong language that may not be suitable for persons under 18. Everyone is welcome, no matter what creed, nationality, race, orientation, other persuasion, or bike type.

We want to hear about your experiences riding a motorcycle and we welcome your submissions, but please read the following submission guidelines before submitting material. Most of these guidelines are just plain common sense.

  1. We will accept only material relating to motorcycling and motorcycles. Written material is not limited to content regarding cruisers, but also touring, sport, dual, off-road and trial, motocross, etc.

  2. Your story (or poem) can be about a general motorcycling topic, a specific situation or hazard, a ride of yours, an event review, a poker run, an accident survival or incident, repairs or customization, or anything else motorcycle related; however, some limitations may apply as they arise.

  3. No specific limitation is made regarding the length of stories. Written work can be short or long, but the editors reserve the right to limit the size of submissions after the fact, should it become necessary.

  4. Up to five images can be submitted with your story. File sizes must be less than 1MB (one megabyte) each; we reserved the right to scale any image down to fit the layout and/or to load faster. Acceptable formats are JPG or GIF. Please, no RAW or BMP.

  5. Your story can be fact or fiction, but it must be written by you, or you must have permission from the author to use it. DO NOT submit stories that you do not have permission to use. It is a violation of copyright law.

  6. Any plagiarized (stolen, copied) material will be deleted and no further submissions will be accepted from the plagiarist. In addition, the plagiarist’s contact information will be turned over to the authorities.

  7. By submitting written material, the author grants, and by extension, The L. W. Wallace Company, rights to publish that written material on the website and in any advertising or promotion for the site, for as long as that material is deemed appropriate. The author retains all rights and copyright of that written material. Our use of the material does not restrict the author’s rights in any way to have their stories reprinted elsewhere. No exclusivity is claimed by this site and the author may submit their work to any other publisher in accordance with that publisher’s guidelines.

  8. By submitting written material, the author agrees to comply with the submission guidelines, and all terms and conditions set forth herein.

  9. Submissions are made via email. See the brief list below to guide you through the process. We reserve the right to correct spelling and glaring grammatical errors on a case by case basis, but will not necessarily do so automatically.

  10. Please use clean language; no f-bombs, PLEASE! No hate or pornographic or violent situations. No gratuitous sex or violence. No slander and nothing libelous or offensive. In addition, will take a neutral stance and refrain from becoming involved in any issues between motorcycle clubs or any other unfriendly factions. As far as Motorcycle Clubs are concerned, we’re Switzerland.

  11. The written material existing on this site is for entertainment and educational purposes only. No other intention exists here in regards to works published here.

  12. There are no deadlines. We accept submissions all year long. However, if you are sending work that is holiday- or date-specific, please try to get it in at least two months before the holiday or date.

  13. You must be at least 18 years old to submit material to

  14. assumes no responsibility for anything contained in any material submitted by users.


Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer: Author may earn compensation for his/her review, promotion or mention of the Merchant product(s) identified in this publication. Thanks for your support!


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