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You Didn’t See Me

June 18, 2012 | By More

In this day and age, as riders, we ride in much heavier traffic, traffic that has a difficult time seeing us. We have to ride as if we are invisible; always watching, always anticipating. As if this isn’t perilous enough, we have to deal with distracted drivers, especially those talking on cell phones. And worse, texting while driving. And, if you’ve been riding for any length of time at all, you’ve certainly had your share of near misses. I know I have.

This video always gets me choked up. I post it all over the place every spring. It’s in my email signature, I post it on Facebook and I tweet it. I put links to it anywhere I can. Drivers need to be reminded to watch out for us riders. All of us.


From The Well Known Biker Poem…
You Didn’t See Me




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Linda Carruth is a freelance illustrator and designer who enjoys riding her motorcycle. Her professional work can be seen at, but her motorcycle, humorous, and motivational designs are available at,, and at

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