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Washington State Motorcycle Skills Test

June 18, 2012 | By More

This video features people taking their on-cycle skills test in Washington state. Our test (Motorcycle Ohio) was drastically different. In this video, apparently people were taking the test on their own motorcycles. There’s a guy with a bagger and another with a sport bike. When you take the Basic Rider Course here in Ohio, the selection of bikes is diverse, but not that diverse. The guy on the bagger had more trouble with the tighter turns, but the sport bike rider’s turn were, for the most part, more nimble. Any bike with a rake has “heavier” steering, whereas the sport bike, with almost no rake (like a bicycle), has “flickable” steering. Spoiler alert: the sport bike rider does dump at one point, but I think he may have been looking down and he probably used his front brake when he shouldn’t have.

Watch the video. It’s not too difficult to pick up just what each exercise is for.


Watch Riders Take Their Test




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