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Wait For Me

June 18, 2012 | By More

This is a Bob Seger music video for Wait for Me. It has some nice riding footage that I’m sure we call all relate to. For the riding, if that was not clear. Although, I would like to have seen Bob Seger riding. Wouldn’t you? Roll me away, old friend, roll me away.

This one always reminds me of late in the season, when you get a day warm enough to get that last all day ride in. We sometimes head out east where the roads just go and go and go between intersections and the speed limit is fifty or better. It makes me appreciate riding that much more because soon it will turn cold and the snow will fly. Maybe I’m pushing it for short sleeves, but I can feel the warm sun on my arms, and the wind feels a little cool; certainly cool enough to throw on some long sleeves, but I have to just hang in there, because it’ll be a long time before we have short sleeve riding weather again. Wait for me. I just want to get one more warm weather ride.


Bob Seger Music Video: Wait For Me




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