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Motorcycle Vlogger from Northeast Ohio

June 18, 2012 | By More

Itchymoche. His tag line is “Ride hard. Die free”. Too many videos to list.

Not all of his videos are about motorcycles, but the ones that are motorcycle related offer an interesting perspective that, for the most part, rings true. He talks about what a real biker is, sometimes admitting it’s all in fun. But is it? I think he makes a pretty good point. He’s located somewhere around Medina, Ohio.

He has one video where they ride up to Valley View for Bike Night at Quaker Steak & Lube on Canal Rd. We go to that one occasionally, and it’s nice to see some familiar places. But my favorite is Round the Block where he attaches a video camera onto the back of his bike and takes us for a ride. I love to watch this video in the dead of winter. I can almost imagine the wind and the summery elements that I experience riding. It’s a good treatment for Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

There is one other thing worth noting. Itchymoche appears to be more of an old-school biker and that’s fine, but here and there, he seems to advocate some things that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will tell you NOT to do. One example is choosing a line in your lane and holding that line. When in fact, a rider should adjust lane postition according to the situation, such as the outside-inside-outside line around curves. Word to the wise: I would err on the side of the MSF.

I got the impression that Itcymoche does not care to have people embed his videos. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but just to be on the safe side. I only embedded one here, Round the Block. It has some Rob Zombie in the background, but you can still hear the bike. Love this video. I can just feel the sun on my arms and the cool breeze blowing over me.

The link below goes directly to his YouTube channel.

Check out his YouTube channel HERE.

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