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Interesting Facts About Harley Davidson Cross Bones

June 18, 2012 | By More

by Steven Harrison

Harley Davidson fans out there are always on the lookout for the next greatest motorcycle release. Harley Davidson Crossbones is like the Holy Grail you’ve been looking for. This bike is drop dead gorgeous if you could consider a bike to be such a thing.

This is a bike that even the workers at the Harley plant are in love with. In fact, industry insiders claim that the assembly line slows down when these lookers are being built. The Cross Bones motorcycles have sort of a retro look. That fact doesn’t stop it from having the best performance you’ve seen in your life. It has a Twin Cam 96B putting as much power as you can handle.

You don’t have to worry about having a bumpy ride either. While you’re certainly not going to complain about a few bumps here and there, you shouldn’t have to deal with too many when you buy a high quality motorcycle. These bikes have rear suspension and hidden horizontal coil-over rear shock absorbers.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find that these Harley-Davidson bikes have split tanks. The stylization continues with the amazing console that is split between leather and chrome.

There are nearly too many details to list, but never too many for Harley fans:

  • Black Springer front end
  • Black bucket headlamp
  • Black mini ape-hanger handlebars
  • Chopped front fender
  • Bobtail rear fender
  • 200 mm rear tire

There are no two ways about it the Harley Davidson Cross Bones have incredible style. You can even get your custom graphics with striping in Dark Blue Pearl, Dark Blue Denim,Vivid Black, Black Denim, Olive Pearl and Pewter Denim.

Message-boards all over the Internet are constantly discussing these new Harleys. Some aren’t too keen on the retro look, but the vast majority are very impressed. Do be careful, you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get this new bike.

But, you have to ask yourself whether you’d rather get a plain bike that everyone else has, or this Harley that’s practically like candy for bikers. If you are in the market for a smooth ride and aren’t scared off by paying more than you might for lesser bikes, this is a great deal for you.

Harley-Davidson Cross Bones is a hot, talked about item for good reason. It’s rare that a bike comes along that has so much potential and will turn so many heads. Get yours today so you can be at the top of the biker chain.

I hope you enjoyed reading this taster of the Harley-Davidson Cross Bones Motorcycle. If you’re looking for parts or bikes for all the Harley Davidson models then check out Used Hog Parts. This place even has an active forum for bikers.

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