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Progressive International Motorcycle Shows

January 16, 2014 | By More

It’s that time again. The Progressive International Motorcycle Show season is in full swing. Here in Cleveland, this is one of many shows coming to the IX Center during the winter, keeping us occupied and spending, as if there isn’t enough to do here. For us, this is the highpoint of the winter. The holidays are behind us, thankfully, and January is usually the worst weather month to get through, so when the bike shows gets here at the end of January, we know that spring, bringing a new riding season, is just around the corner. In recent years, I’ve picked up new riding boots, a couple new helmets, perforated deer skin gel pad gloves and a nice embroidered leather jacket, but this year I’m thinking maybe new chaps and a new leather vest. Oh, and maybe a few fun accessories. I can’t wait. Then we’ll just have to get through February. And March. And maybe a few inches of partly cloudy in April.

Here’s the link with the schedule:

Features (check out the Progressive Garage for tank painting, t-shirt printing, and more):

And here’s the link for CLeveland IX tickets:

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