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Ladies! Learn to Ride

June 25, 2015 | By More

I ran across this article today about why women should learn to ride. I don’t disagree with anything in the article, but some of the suggestions are pretty cut and dried. Sometimes things are more complicated than this.

Among other things, the article discusses fear of riding. No one really likes to talk about this, but fear of riding can become monumental after a mishap. Most people have mishaps learning to ride. Yeah, I didn’t want to hear that when I was learning, but I had my share, too. It was devastating, and grew into a massive case of Motorcycle Jitters. Yes, there’s a name for it. I discuss it in my Journal entries.

Now I’m not saying that suggested a woman learns to ride is a bad thing. I’m a woman. I ride. I highly recommend it. I’m just saying that it is not always as easy as throwing a leg over. And then there’s the slippery slope of pressure to learn. If a woman really wants to learn to ride, I say go for it. But don’t do it because your boyfriend or husband is pressuring you to get off the back.

In our travels, we once met this couple riding two up. The man starts asking my husband about my bike. They strike up a conversation. They talk about the bike, taking the safety class, etc. Then the guy asks my husband
how he got me to get off the back and ride my own bike. My husband, naturally, said that I wanted to ride my own. The guy goes on to say that he’s been trying to get his wife to do the same. She’s over there looking kind of sheepish, even embarrassed. We told this man that SHE has to WANT to do it. It’s not easy. If she doesn’t want it, respect that. Either way, it’s her choice. It’s not for everybody. (And frankly, she shouldn’t be riding if she doesn’t want to, or is that afraid, and there’s no shame in that.) He seemed disappointed, but she looked relieved.

So yes, there’s no reason a woman can’t learn how to ride. More and more women are doing just that. So if that interests you, or you know someone who might be interested in getting their own wind, then check out this article. It’s really informative, with advice on bike fit, riding gear, classes, and more.

Ladies! It’s Your Time to Ride!

Also check out our list of riding class locations organized by state.

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