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For Riders

Resources for the New Rider

These resources are meant to be a helpful gathering of information. Keep in mind that riding a motorcycle is not for everyone, and ultimately, participating in this activitiy is YOUR CHOICE. You are responsible for your own actions. As everyone is already telling you, riding a motorcycle IS dangerous, but nowadays, so is going to the mall. If you are looking for information on how to be as safe as possible as you learn, it sounds like you’re on the right track. This section will not make you a good/better rider; you have to do that. But, having so much information gathered in one place will likely save you hours of time searching on your own.

That said, cannot and will not be held responsible for anything that may happen while taking a class, while on the road, in your backyard, by staring at your monitor too long, etc., etc. All of the links here are public information and you would have found it eventually anyway. So enjoy the ride, and be safe!

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Tips and Techniques

This site focuses on motorcycle safety, regardless of type or brand. Cool site.
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Sharing the Road with Motorcycles from

This page has links to safety information, motorcycle crash data, and tips for drivers to make them more motorcycle-aware.
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Stay On The Road To Motorcycle Safety

Here are some tips from Geico and
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Safe Riding

Just who needs motorcycle rider training? Q & A with some experts.
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T-CLOCK Inspection Chart

A handy chart with comprehensive information on the things you should be checking before every single ride.
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Survey of the States: Motorcycle Safety Programs

The Goverors Highway Safety Asssociation (GHSA) surveyed each state regarding its motorcycle training programs, motorcycle vehicle registrations, accidents, fatalities, helmet use, other programs and resources in place. You can download a PDF of your state’s response. This article has a general summary. The individual results for each state no longer seem to be available.

50 Ways To Save Your Life

A fairly comprehensive list of motorcycling safety tips from Motorcyclist Online.
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Tips for the Motorcycle Passenger

This article deals with mounting and dismounting, safe practices in regards to the rider, and other helpful information.
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Motorcycle Tires: The Sticky Facts and Top Tips

A wealth of information about your motorcycle tires, from Motorcycle Cruiser magazine.
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Basic Rider Course, Stories by Students

These are student accounts written about experiences in the Basic Rider Course— interesting if you’re signed up or abou to be. Enjoy.

Cheesebeast in New Hampshire

Noemi’s MSF Class

Taking the Skills Test

These First Ride Stories from Total Motorcycle may be of interest, too.

Motorcycle Riding Tutorials How To

Ride Technique, Tips & Tricks, Suspension & Brakes, Restoration, Electronics, and more. For the list, click here.

Tips for Riders

Written by riders, for riders, from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Melbourne, Australia. Find tips, crash information, and interactives about riding.
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How to Pick Up a Fallen Motorcycle

Carol Youorski, aka "SKERT", demonstrates a step by step process to pick up a dropped bike. This method can be seen in other places, but skert was first to bring attention to it for lady riders.
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Help For Disabled Riders

Providing helpful modifications so those with disabilities can get out and ride.
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Manufacturer and aftermarket repair manuals for motorcycles (and ATVs, snowmobiles, watercraft, outdoor equipment, etc., etc.), found by a simple search.
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Research and compare all makes and models of motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, and snowmobiles.
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