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There is a growing trend these days. Motorcycle popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. There are so many choices; bigger and better choices than ever before. In addition, women are breaking in to this so-called man’s world in ever growing numbers.

How I feel when I ride cannot be expressed in a few words. It is a combination of the freedom I feel, being out in the elements with the sounds and the smells, as well as the changes in temperature. Every ride becomes of ribbon of sights, impressions, and new experiences. You see and remember the various sights as you begin your day’s journey. Upon seeing the same sights on the way home, whether it be signs or scenery or locations, a realization manifests itself. All at once, it seems like you just saw those things. At the same time, you realize just how much has happened since the beginning of the ride. Every ride is an experience AWAY from everything else in your life— work, problems, stress, petty people and situations that drain the life out of you, you name it.

There is also a certain pride attached to riding my own ride as well as an inexplicable joy that is felt. I write everything down because when I get home, somehow I just can’t let go of it. It ocurred to me that I can’t be the only one who feels this way. That is the purpose of this site— a place for others to publish their tales, whether in summation or great detail or somewhere in between.

There is no cost to submit your story. Use the Contact link at the top of each page. Upon approval, your story will be published on this site, free of charge. In addition, you can choose to have the story link emailed to you if you like. There are some minor suggestions and helpful hints on what to include with your story, that can be viewed on our Submissions page. This site is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and well be kept friendly to all who wish to use it.

Please see the Terms Of Service page for our content terms. Most of it is just common sense.


The second reason for the site is to help those who want to get into this sport and don’t really know where to start. There will be links for gear, articles on how to prepare, links to helpful sites, where to find classes, etc., etc. More on that below.

CruiserTales is based in Northeast Ohio. To say we have some erratic weather here is like saying the sun is warm. Last year had a high of 70 degrees one day in January. No, that’s not normal. In ten minutes time, it dropped to the lower 50s. Within 30 minutes the temperature plunged to the lower forties. By 10pm there was a wet snow sticking to the ground. Yes, this is normal. They say, "If you don’t like the weather in Cleveland, wait ten minutes. It’ll change." And so it does, but that expression is pretty tired already. Often, we have different weather on one side of town than the other. I think the saying should be "If you don’t like the weather in Cleveland, drive five miles, it’ll change." Part of all this is due to that overgrown puddle to the north, also known as Lake Erie. It makes for some challenging ride planning, that’s for sure. Sometimes it takes longer to figure our what gear is needed for an all day ride than it does to put the stuff on, and it all depends on which direction you’re headed. That’s no joke.

Ohio is the third largest state in motorcycle registrations, behind California and Florida. Our helmet law was repealed back in the seventies, which was accomplished by a huge lobby in this state. We’re a tough bunch that eats challenges for breakfast, no matter what the rest of the country says about us. When the temperatures get up into the forties, bikes are out. We usually wait until upper forties, and even then only under certain conditions, such as no salt on the roads, no high winds, etc. Overcoming challenges is part of riding. Please see the Cool Links page for helpful sites we’ve found.

Please pardon our dust, as we will be adding features to the site. It is still a work in progress. The log is in the process of being translated to browser-friendly form. All 27,000 miles of it. Entries will grow as time goes by.

The links will grow, too. There are links to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, links to find classes, written instruction and tutorials, manufacturer’s sites, leather gear, boots, parts, tattoo designs, cool t-shirts and the list goes on.

Please don’t be bashful about sending in stories and favorite links. My Favorites list stretches down into the basement; at least now the motorcycle links will be organized here.

Articles and news will round out the site, but will not necessarily become the main focus. Again, the main focus is YOU.

The third reason for this site is to publish my riding journal, in part. It details my learning experiences, which was not smooth in the least, and to chronicle some of my experiences on the road as a new rider, and all that that implies. For more details on that, please see the Journal page.

Please check back often as this site will be growing and changing and evolving.


Riding Stories (Trip Tales)

The word Motorcycle conjures up all kinds of images in one’s mind, from racing to traveling across country to flashy television shows about creatively talented dysfunctional families. Those are all great things to accomplish, but in reality, most of us are riding around town, commuting, or going on day trips. That’s not to say riding is uneventul or boring. Lots of things can and do happen, and there are lots of sights to see and places to go. None of it would occur without actually being out, on the road, living some life in the saddle. Sitting at home just doesn’t cut it for these adventurous souls.

Let’s face it. If you ride, you have stories. You might just want to give a shout out about a glorious ride you just came home from. Maybe something happened while riding the bike home from work. Or maybe YOU made a cross country trip. How about sharing it? Write it up and send it in! Then email it to If you have a website we’ll be happy to include a link to it, if you’ll be kind enough to link back to us. Simple as that!

Please keep in mind that the stories published here are for entertainment purposes only. Remember, it’s free to submit a story, but please follow our submission guidelines. These guidelines are intended to keep the site friendly to everyone who wishes to participate, whether as an author or a reader. Published stories may be re-organized at any time, and most likely WILL be re-organized as the list grows. Check back often for changes and new additions. To get started reading, just click one of the links below.


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